OpenSource GUI/Web Server for DIY Security System
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Arduino Uno Uno32 Java JavaFX Jetty embedded webserver microcontroller sensors pir sonar laser trip-wire servo camera serial

Peripheral Hardware

The Arduino microcontroller provides an inexpensive hardware platform to handle sensor input. Step-by-step instructions allows even the beginner to set-up their own security
/surveillance system!

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Multi-Platform GUI

The UGate desktop GUI is built upon JavaFX which means it will work on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems. It provides complete control over all peripheral
sensors, servos, etc.

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Built-In Web Server

UGate is bundled with a robust built-in web server that delivers a customizable web interface to change/view sensor settings, position, and media output
from anywhere internet
access is available.

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Latest Developments

Development Phase
We are currently in the development phase of the project and have about 75% complete at which point we will enter our testing phase. We hope to have our first release within the next few months. Stay tuned!